1.Dual BME/BSN Program at Duquesne University: 5yrs, 2 BS degrees 

2. MSN, PhD or DNP Nursing Programs (that accept non-BSN applicants) 

University of Minnesota 

University of Maryland

Arizona State University (Nursing and Healthcare Innovation) 

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee 

Rush University 

3. MS or PhD Health Systems Engineering

UW Madison – Industrial Engineering 

University of Southern Florida 

4. Masters in Medical Device/Innovation

University of Minnesota, Masters in Medical Device Innovation 

Arizona State University, Masters in Healthcare Innovation 

•Stanford, Biodesign Innovation Fellowship 

•Johns Hopkins, Masters in Applied Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering Innovation and Design 

5. Others

Carle Illinois College of Medicine (engineering based college of medicine) 

Cleveland Clinic Innovation Program

Mayo Clinic Innovation Program 

University of Massachusetts Amherst Fellowship, future nurse-engineering joint degree