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The Need for Nurse Engineers

When properly focused, engineers serve a vital role in translating and implementing knowledge into practice. Engineers focus on outcomes, efficiency, systems, and revel in problem identification, solution execution, and continuous improvement. These are skills that are critical to patient satisfaction, health outcomes, patient and clinician safety; skills that nurses need, utilize and develop in real-time patient care. As science and technology advance, the population ages, and once impossible medical procedures become routine, the need to support nursing practice in real time and translate state of the art nursing science into practice has reached critical mass. 

Growth and development of nursing engineering provides reinforcement resources tasked to focus on these critical aspects, advances nursing science, supports practicing nurses and allows healthcare modernization to be successful. Nurses are at the center of the care delivery process. If we as a society want to travel further, faster, with peace of mind through the patient journey we must invest in nursing engineering and support those that enable healthcare delivery. Aerospace engineering put a man on the moon, perhaps nursing engineering can put patients on their optimal healthcare journey.

While current efforts are highlighting the need for and potential benefits of nursing engineering more work must be done to develop and standardize this field. Characteristics of individuals best suited to this nursing aspect must be identified. Educational programs that allow individuals to develop the necessary skills to support practicing nurses and participate in the clinical space, without becoming general practitioners, must be developed. Professionals realizing the nursing engineering field must begin to develop connections with industry, regulatory agencies, government, and worldwide healthcare initiatives. Regulatory agencies must assess the safety and efficacy of care related devices and question existing device assessment and regulatory clearance processes. Health systems must create and support positions within their clinical ranks that routinely and holistically look at care delivery process improvement and begin demanding their participation in real-time care. While the list of future efforts is long, the need is tremendous and the necessary tools in existence. Let us move swiftly to bring this field and the nurse engineer role to prominenc

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BIO – Kelly Landsman, Founder Landsman Engineering LLC

Kelly Landsman is a biomedical engineer with over thirteen years of experience in research and development of patient care related technologies. She in the process of pursing a masters in nursing. Her passion lies in bringing nursing voices to the forefront of healthcare design processes and striving to ensure a positive healthcare experience for patients and their entourage. Additional degrees in chemistry and biochemistry extend her interests into device, drug, and combination device subject areas. She is also a patient that owes her life to skilled medical professionals and with the given event developed firsthand patient experience in a variety of medical environments. Email: klandengineering@gmail.com

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